Tank Lid Packing PT5504SG


PTFE yarns

EPDM rubber core


The PT5504SG packing is a reliable solution for applications that require the use of PTFE. Made with pure PTFE multifilament yarn and a rubber core, this packing shows great versatility as it can be used for many services where the use of PTFE with a more consistent recovery is required. It is important to remember that minimum/maximum temperatures and maximum pressures should not be associated. With these features, the PT5504SG packing is a reliable option to be used in all those applications that require a high level of sealing and high chemical resistance in almost the entire pH range. The standard product is made with EPDM, but other rubbers are available on-demand.


Seal for valves and pumps, PT5504SG packing offers high performance and lends itself to a wide range of applications where greater elasticity is required.

Tank Lid Packing PT5504SG
  P bar Ibf/in2 Vm/S f/pm pH T°C T°F
50 750 1 200 3 ÷ 11 -35 ÷ 120 -30 ÷ 250
50 750 10 2000
10 150 10 2000
  • Never use the product to the maximum temperature and pressure associated. Consult the manufacturer for further information

  • The peak temperature can be sustained for short exposures