Quality, environment and security

We work to satisfy our Customers, to keep our organisation strong and our ability to produce and improve day after day.

Our Mission

Carrara wants to be a leading global Player within its target market, satisfying the Customers' main needs and ensuring their complete satisfaction.

We aim for continual improvement of our performance by raising the Team's awareness both to proactivity and to compliance with company rules, set out with the tools provided by the integrated management system. Optimising the use of existing resources, improving the efficiency of the system, and increasing in-house knowledge through training and information, and utilising company and external skills are the objectives we pursue by spreading our culture to all levels of the organisation.

Occupational health and safety

The occupational health and safety of Carrara Spa's employees and partners is a primary aim. Carrara strives to achieve this by increasing the culture of health and safety at work through in-house training and information providing activities, in accordance with the ISO 45001:2018 standard.

This is done by respecting the rules of law in the contents and principles in the field of industrial safety and hygiene applicable to the activities carried out, the products and services provided; where possible, by voluntarily applying further measures deemed necessary even in the absence of legislative obligations.

To continually improve safety management, activity risk analysis is constantly carried out so as to accurately identify risk reduction strategies.

Regular initiatives are implemented to help keep the Team focused on preventing accidents, injuries and occupational diseases that can have a negative impact on worker health and safety.

Carrara works with suppliers of goods and services who share its vision on Health and Safety and only companies that implement formalised programmes regarding employee Health and Safety are qualified in its vendor list.

Visitors to Carrara Spa are also informed about the procedures and principles of Health and Safety, ensuring, where applicable, that they implement them too.

Improving Health and Safety conditions at work is a priority for everyone and individuals are required to carry out their activities in a manner consistent with the established policy.

Environmental Protection

Carrara respects, in terms of content and principles, the laws applicable to the environment, to the activities carried out, to the products and services provided.

Where possible, Carrara voluntarily applies further measures deemed necessary even in the absence of specific legislative obligations.