Global Sealing Solutions

Carrara has always been a customer-oriented company and this is why its product range contains an ever-increasing number of high added value services.

Ferp is the division that provides environmental services to companies and has bee an important of the Company's business for 20 years. Ferp operates at a European level in the design and implementation of NMVOC fugitive and diffuse emission monitoring programmes of industrial systems. It also provides consultancy activities for monitoring plans.

Out of all the services for the Refining and Petrochemical segments, one of the most important is that of the On-site Warehouse. During scheduled maintenance (plant shut-down) Carrara provides an on-site seal warehouse managed by its staff so that the customer can take the seals that will actually be used, avoiding impact on the fixed assets of its warehouse.

Carrara's laboratory is one of the few in Europe that performs fugitive emission tests on Industrial Valves using Methane. The lab is able to perform tests on industrial valves in accordance with API std 624, API std 641, ISO 15848, TA LUFT VDI 2440 and customised protocols with surveillance by control bodies selected by the Customers.

For the product line Insulating Kit for Flanges and Monolithic Joint, Carrara is able to perform hydraulic, dielectric strength and electrical resistance tests in order to always provide maximum safety of its products.

The Valgasket division that produces metal components for valves is able to perform a high number of NDT (non-destructive tests) including PT, MT and UT, using an out-sourcing service so as to cover all NDTs and offer a comprehensive service to its customers.

Carrara's technical office works alongside customers to select the most suitable sealing system for the specific context, offering safe and often innovative solutions. Collaboration with Engineering companies in particular is very close in offering project support. In actual fact, a dedicated team has been set up that follows the project from the initial offer to the delivery of the material accompanied by all the technical documentation needed to meet order requirements.