For over twenty years, FERP, a division of Carrara Spa, has been operating at a European level in the design and implementation of monitoring programmes for fugitive and diffuse emissions of industrial plants. In addition to monitoring, it offers a comprehensive technical and economic assessment service to define the most efficient control plans for diffuse emissions of NMVOC - Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds - of technical gases and steam.

The experience acquired by FERP in the Refining, Chemical, Petrochemical and Energy sectors and the in-depth regulatory knowledge allow it to implement control plans that fully comply with the requirements of the BAT - Best Available Technologies - and current regulations, as inspections are conducted in accordance with the International Protocols EN15446, EPA453/R/95, EPA 6560-50-P and EPA Method 21.

Within the census activity, FERP offers cataloguing models of sources at an increasing level of "attributions", starting from the simple enumeration, classification and localisation up to reaching a detailed and functional characterisation of the inventory component. FERP is able to efficiently reclassify previous inventories from cataloguing and census activities carried out by the Customer to recreate a single database that meets data management requirements stipulated by current regulations.

FERP designs customised improvement plans by examining with sensitivity analyses the benefits that can be achieved with the joint introduction of efficient monitoring actions with more efficient hardware and new operating practices, alongside qualifying and training the Operator's personnel involved in the project. All reports are drawn up in detail and fully in line with the requirements of Regulatory Authorities

Implementation of INTEGRATED LDAR monitoring plans and extended simultaneously to the different groups of sources - not only to NMVOC fugitive emissions - makes it possible to achieve unexpected economic, safety and environmental benefits.