Soft Tank Lid PT5504SGS


EXTERNAL BRAIDING - lubricated PTFE yarns

INTERNAL LINING - multiple layers PTFE tape lining

INNER BODY - fibers resistant to the chemical attacks

CORE - extruded EPDM rubber


Soft Tank Lid PT5504SGS is specialized for sealing manholes and tank doors on industrial tanks. Soft Tank Lid PT5504SGS is the packing that combines the chemical resistance of PTFE with the softness of polypropylene fibers and the recovery of the rubber core. It can be supplied as endless rings and manufactured in square or rectangular sections. With these features, Soft Tank Lid PT5504SGS is a reliable option to be used in all those applications that require a high level of sealing and high chemical resistance in a wide range of pH. The standard product is made with EPDM, but other rubbers are available on-demand. The style PT5504SGSP has rectangular shape. Available also as endless rings rady to install.


Packing for tank lids, inspection and cleaning hatches on tanker ships, compatible with media in the range pH 0-14, including all known bulk cargoes in all IMO classes (International Maritime Organization). Soft Tank Lid PT5504SGS ensures high performance and is suitable for a wide range of static applications where greater elasticity is required.

Product properties Value
Temperature range  -50÷120°C (-60÷500°F)
pH 1 ÷ 14
Pressure 1 bar
Size tolerances ±0.80 mm (0.032")
Standard Square Section - PT5504SGS Standard Rectangular Section - PT5504SGSP
20,00 x 20.00 mm (3/4") 20,00 x 15,00 mm (3/4" x 5/8")
25,00 x 25.00 mm (1") 30,00 x 20,00 mm (1 3/16" x 3/4")
35,00 x 35.00 mm (1 3/8") 35,00 x 25,00 mm (1 3/8" x 1")
38.00 x 38.00 mm (1 1/2") 40,00 x 30,00 mm (1 9/16" x 1 3/16")
40,00 x 40,00 mm (1 9/16")  
Soft Tank Lid PT5504SGS