Valve packing Controller 2 Evo Oxygen BAM


  • Rings: Flexible graphite VALVOGRAPH
  • ZV48Z OXY Wiper rings: Compression wiper rings ZGR80SGR OXY


Controller 2 Evolution OXY is a stem sealing set completely free of lubricant, equipped with BAM-approved material for use with oxygen. Thanks to the special GR80SGR OXY braid, it offers excellent recovery capability and very high damage resistance. The purest graphite used in its components ensures reliable sealing and long-lasting performance even in services with liquid and gaseous oxygen.
Certificate number
ZGR80SGR OXY - no 2-28 2015E
ZV48Z OXY - no 2-1949 2014E


This sealing set is specially designed for use with oxygen services, providing a safe and reliable solution for industrial valves operating with this critical gas. With its approved materials and advanced features, Controller 2 Evolution OXY is the ideal choice to ensure optimal performance in oxygen environments.

Valve packing Controller 2 Evo Oxygen BAM
Maximum Temperature °C Maximum Oxygen Pressure bar
up  to 60  420
>60 to 280 250

Maximum combined temperature and pressure with pure oxygen