Graphite ring ZV48Z OXY BAM approved


Made with highly pure graphite, ZV48Z OXY expanded graphite rings offer high quality and reliability for applications involving liquid and gaseous oxygen.


ZV48Z OXY rings ensure safe and reliable performance in environments with liquid and gaseous oxygen. Certified according to BAM specifications, they provide effective protection against fires and leaks. When used in stems, assistance from ZGR80SGR OXY braided wiper rings (BAM report 2-28/2015E) or ZV48ZN OXY nickel-reinforced graphite rings (BAM report 2-1948/2014E) is recommended.


Ideal for use with liquid and gaseous oxygen, ZV48Z OXY expanded graphite rings are suitable for applications such as fire safety in closures and gaskets for ball valve seats. They ensure effective sealing and protection in critical environments.

Graphite ring ZV48Z OXY BAM approved
Maximum  Temperature C° Maximum  Oxygen Pressure bar
up to 60 420
> 60 to 280 250