Controller 3 Evolution OXY BAM approved


The Controller 3 Evolution is comprised of ZGR80SGR OXY braided rings, consisting of expanded graphite wires with a dedicated metal reinforcement. This material ensures minimal weight loss even in the most extreme conditions, meeting the stringent requirements of EN14772 - section 6.7. BAM approved No. 2-28/2015 E for use with both liquid and gaseous oxygen.


The Controller 3 Evolution offers a unique combination of strength and durability, with a low friction coefficient ensuring smooth and reliable operation. Its reinforced structure and the quality of the graphite used make it ideal for high-temperature and pressure applications.


Specifically designed for industrial valves in oxygen service, the Controller 3 Evolution is the ideal choice to ensure effective stem sealing in critical environments. It provides superior performance and exceptional durability, making it essential for oxygen-sensitive industrial applications.

Controller 3 Evolution OXY BAM approved
Maximum Temperature °C Maximum Oxygen Pressure bar
up to 60 350
>60 up to 300 220