Planigraph™ Metalbond Evo


Graphite gaskets for flanges in low pressure services.


Pure flexible graphite C > 98.00 % covered on both side with 2 special polimeric films. Planigraph ™ Metalbond Evo pure graphite flat gaskets are excellent substitutes of CSF gaskets - Compressed Synthetic Fibers - thanks to their smaller creep and for their moderate sensitivity to the thermal cycles.


Planigraph™ Metalbond Evo pure graphite gaskets are great for sealing flanges in low pressure services. These gaskets style Metalbond Evo thicknesses 2.0 and 3.0 mm with stainless steel inner eyelet which are suitable for application intended in contact with food applications. 

Planigraph™ Metalbond Evo
 Planigraph™ Metalbond Evo 2.00 mm th.
Graphite density gr/cm3 1.0
Carbon Content % > 98.0
Ash Content % < 2.0
Compressibility % 40 - 50
Recovery % 3 - 5
Gas Permeability DIN 3535 cm3/min < 0.6
Relaxation stress DIN 52913 N/mm2 > 45
Temperature max with steam °C 450
Temperature max with weak oxidants °C 450
Temperature min cryo °C -196
Maximum assembly load RT N/mm2 40
Maximum operating pressure bar 40