Spiral Wound Planisteel


The Spiral Wound Planisteel SW range includes all types of gaskets for flange RF, FF, LTG and LMF sealing. The Spiral Wound are made in accordance to the Standard or customized under the specific design. Available the design OXY for spiral wound oxygen services.


The product range Planisteel is easy to read:
SW - Spiral Wound without inner and centering ring
SWI - Spiral Wound with inner ring
SWC - Spiral Wound with centering ring
SWCI - Spiral Wound with inner and centering ring
LSSW - Spiral Wound Low Stress design

The gasket code is qualified at the end by the winding metal type (eg. 316), by the filler type (eg. Graphite G) and, if present, by the centering ring metal type in accordance to the ASME B16.20.


Spiral Wound Gasket for flange RF, FF, LTG, LMF
Spiral Wound Planisteel

AISI 3041.4301
AISI 3161.4401
AISI 3211.4541
AISI 316 Ti1.4571
Monel (NiCu30Fe)                2.4360

The Spiral Wound Gasket Planisteel are availabale in all materials and sizes