Compressed fiber gaskets Planiflex™


The compressed fiber gaskets Planiflex™ are reliable and resistant for all general sealing applications. The jointing sheets for gaskets production are available on stock.


The asbestos free compressed fiber gaskets and sheets Planiflex™ are available in the styles:
PF 41 cellulose NBR
PF 63 aramid NBR
PF 81 aramid graphite NBR


The gaskets Planiflex™ are suitable for general applications with water, drinkable water, dirty water, hydrocarbon and industrial fluids with mild pH.
Compressed fiber gaskets Planiflex™
Description-PF 41PF 63PF 81
Material Cellulose NBRAramid NBRAramid Graphite NBR
Max Temperature°C180250


Max PressureBar4050100
Colour greenblueblack
Typical values for a thickness of 1,50 mm
Tolerances: Thickness 0.10 ÷ 0.25 mm; Length ± 50.0 mm; Width ± 50.0 mm
Anti Stick coated
Maximum temperature and pressure have not be applied simultaneously
Call CARRARA's Technical office for P x T diagram
Size 1500 x 1500
1500 x 3000
Thickness 0,40 ÷ 5,00 1/32 ÷ 3/16