PGT4 GR8622ESP is a combined stem packing composed of expanded graphite rings PlanigraphESP and GR8622ESP braided graphite rings.


PGT4 GR8622ESP is manufactured with modified PlanigraphESP graphite made according to strict guidelines. Maintaining the packing weight is essential in order to meet standards and minimize fugitive emissions in the long term.

The excellent sealing capabilities of PGT4 GR8622ESP and the reduced fugitive emissions are born from a completely brand-new approach.

This material is characterized by a reduced coefficient of friction and low permeability, better than those achievable with the current technology using lubricants, without compromising the chemical integrity of the material.

PGT4 GR8622ESP is a Low Emissions API std 622 3rd Edition and ISO 15848 BH C01/C02 approved graphite packing, providing a valid solution to reduce OEM stock seal types. It can be used for all Oil & Gas, Cyogenic, H2 and most Chemical services, as well as steam.


PGT4 GR8622ESP is a graphite stem packing seal designed for low-emission services in industrial valves. It is suitable for use with hydrocarbons, cryogenic, hydrogen, VOCs, VHAPs, non-oxidizing chemical compounds, and steam. PGT4 GR8622ESP is rated for up to 500 bar. It is designed to operate under all pressure conditions covered by classes 150 to 2500 lbs, thanks to its special wiper rings, GR8622ESP style (for extreme applications, such as those requiring API 5000 and API 10000 standards, please contact the Carrara Technical Department).

P bar Ibf/in2 Vm/S f/pm pH T °C T °F
500 7500 2 400 0÷14 -200 ÷ 450 / 650 -328 ÷ 840 / 1200