Valve Packing PGT4 GR8622


Pure flexible graphite formed rings and graphite braided packing GR8622 as wiper rings


PGT4 GR8622 is the certified low emission stem seal complying with API std 622 3rd Edition and ISO 15848 BH C01 et C02 which makes a valid solution for reducing the type of seal used for the first use on new valves. Indeed, it can be used as much in the context of Oil & Gas and Chemicals, as in high pressure and temperature steam applications. PGT4 GR8622 it’s a special valve stem graphite sealing set composed by die-formed flexible graphite and wiper braided rings style GR8622. PGT4 GR8622, which meets the Low Emission requirements, guarantees long life service.


PGT4 GR8622 is specific for Low Emission services of Industrial Valves. Suitable also for HT/HP steam services.

Valve Packing PGT4 GR8622
P bar Ibf/in2 Vm/S f/pm pH T °C T °F
500 7500 2 400 0÷14 -200 ÷ 450 / 650 -328 ÷ 840 / 1200