Valve Packing Controller-One Evo Z


  • Rings: 99.85% Pure graphite with differentiated density.
  • Wiper Rings: Baderna GR80SGR in expanded graphite 99.85% with special metal reinforcement and impregnation with pure graphite and inorganic corrosion inhibitor.


The Controller One Evolution Z stem seal set is designed and manufactured to meet the growing demand for reliable products compliant with low emission requirements. The graphite rings are stamped in the characteristic Cup & Cone section, which, when a compressive force is applied, generates a thrust towards the stem and chamber, increasing the sealing level and meeting low emission requirements. Made of purest graphite, Controller One Evolution Z ensures reduced weight loss at high temperatures in accordance with EN14772 – Section 6.7 requirements.


Controller One Evolution Z is ideal as a stem seal set for industrial valves in low emission applications. Thanks to its ability to maintain reliable sealing even in severe operating conditions and its chemical and thermal resistance properties, it is suitable for a wide range of industrial services, ensuring reliable performance and compliance with the highest safety and regulatory standards.

Valve Packing Controller-One Evo Z


P bar Ibf/in2 Vm/S f/pm pH T °C °F
300 4500 1 200 0÷14 -100 ÷ 450 / 650 -150 ÷ 840 / 1200