The core of Megatherm consists of yarns of Mica inorganic fibers with high thermal resistance, reinforced with Ni-Cr, and impregnated with a special vermiculite-based compound. This unique combination of materials offers superior thermal and mechanical performance.


Megatherm offers exceptional thermal resistance for high-temperature environments while ensuring optimal pliability thanks to the Ni-Cr mesh. Impregnation with a vermiculite-based compound contributes to its reliability, providing versatility in oxidizing environments without compromising performance.


This sealing braided packing is the ideal choice for sealing valves, airlocks for hot air, exhaust gases, and oxidizing fluids. Due to its insulating properties, it can also be used as an insulating material in high-temperature situations. It is strongly recommended to contact the technical department Carrara before exposure to molten salts, fluorine and chlorine compounds, nitric acid and ammonium nitrate used in fertilizers.

  P bar Ibf/in2 Vm/S f/pm pH T°C T°F
5 75 1 200 0 ÷ 14 -40 ÷ 1000 -40 ÷ 1800
  • The peak temperature can be sustained for short exposures

  • Do not use the product at maximum temperature values and for uses at pressures higher than those typical of the Flue Gases. Consult the manufacturer for further information.

  • Contact the Carrara technical office for information on the maximum applicable pressure of the product