Man Lid Seal N3404SL


Acrylic synthetic fibers
Emulsion of PTFE PFOA free
Silicon free lubricant


  • Specific lengths and cross sections with 2 – 45 Degree cuts allow fitting without the need for additional cutting during installation
  • Available in cross sections and lengths for tank Man Lids
  • Available in a large variety of cross sections
  • Available for DN 500 and DN 300 Man Lids
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Easy to install
  • Acrylic fibre yarn, impregnated with emulsion of PTFE PFOA free
  • High PTFE content
  • Silicone free
  • Dense yet flexible braided packing


Man Lid Seal for tank which transport fluids by road and rail. N3404SL is compatible with all fluids in the stated pH range. Our tank lid packings are made from acrylic fiber yarns, woven into a dense but flexible seal. The braided packing is impregnated with a special PTFE emulsion, which after the final processing leaves no residue after being installed and compressed. The 14 x 14 mm and 15 x 10 mm sections, pre-cut to a precisely determined length and 2 ends at 45°, are ready fit most DN500 and DN300 manholes without the need for cutting.



Product properties


Temperature range 

-50÷120°C (-60÷500°F)


2 ÷ 12


1 bar (designed to seal liquid, non gas tight)

Size tolerances

±0.80 mm (0.032")

Lenght tolerances 

± 3.00 mm (0.125") 

Weight tolerances per meter

± 5.00 % 


Standard spools

 10 and 20 kgs (22 and 44 lbs)  

Standar spare lenghts with 2, 45°cut ends

1050, 1590, 1650, 1750 mm (42, 64, 66 and 70 inches)


Standard sizes

14 x 14 mm (9/16" x 9/16")

15 x 10 mm (19/32" x 13/32")

15 x 15 mm (19/32" x 19/32")

Other sizes and lenghts ara available on demand

Man Lid Seal N3404SL