Planix™ Megatherm High


Megatherm High is a technologically advanced product that combines various components to achieve high performance. Its composition includes expanded vermiculite sheets, heat-resistant biosoluble fibers, NBR rubber, and a perforated SS316L support. This balanced combination of materials gives the product excellent thermal, chemical, and mechanical resistance.


Expanded vermiculite sheets contribute to lightweight and thermal resistance, while heat-resistant biosoluble fibers further enhance resistance to high temperatures. The presence of NBR rubber provides remarkable flexibility and resilience to the gasket, ensuring an excellent seal. The perforated SS316L support provides structural strength and facilitates installation. Megatherm High is designed to withstand the most demanding applications and extreme temperatures. Its unique chemical formulation allows reliable use up to 950°C, ensuring strength, durability, and reliability even in critical conditions. The reduced weight loss of the product further contributes to its superior performance.


Thanks to its resistance to high temperatures and reliability, Megatherm High is ideal for critical applications where other products may fail. It finds widespread use in industrial settings requiring a robust and durable gasket, ensuring optimal performance even in the most extreme conditions.

Planix™ Megatherm High
Megatherm High 
Compressibility DIN 3535-6


Recovery DIN 3535-6 % >2.2
Creep relaxation DIN 3535-6 % <18
Leakage DIN 3535-6 mg/(s*m) <0.10
Max recommended temperature °C 950
Room Temperature bar 60
High temperature bar 2
Colour Gold Brown
Standard L x W mm 1500 x 1500
Other L x W mm 1000 x 1000
Thickness mm 1 ÷ 3
L & W mm +/- 50
Thickness % +/- 10