Planix™ Megatherm S


The MEGATHERM S gasket sheet is manufactured using flexible mica bonded with special resins. Flogopite mica and silicon resin are strategically combined to give the product extraordinary robustness and high tolerance to challenging environmental conditions.


With a core of flogopite mica and a silicon resin matrix, MEGATHERM S offers excellent thermal flexibility and incredible resistance to external agents. This gasket sheet excels, especially in high-temperature environments or with oxidizing fluids, significantly outperforming ceramic fiber gaskets and similar outdated products.The distinctive features of MEGATHERM S include exceptional thermal resistance, remarkable chemical resistance, and superior durability. This sheet represents an advanced option for sealing needs in demanding industrial applications.


Specifically designed for creating flange gaskets, MEGATHERM S proves ideal in situations where graphite is impractical due to high temperatures or the presence of oxidizing fluids. Widely used in various industrial sectors, this sheet offers superior performance, surpassing ceramic fiber gaskets and outdated solutions. Its versatility extends to a wide range of applications, ensuring reliable and long-lasting sealing.

Planix™ Megatherm S
  P bar Ibf/in2 Vm/S f/pm pH T°C T°F
60 900 0 - 14 ÷ 900 ÷ 1600
  • Do not use the product at maximum temperature values and for uses at pressures higher than those typical of the Flue Gases. Consult the manufacturer for further information.

  • Other gasketing sheet dimensions and thicknesses are available on request