Planix™ Megatherm S


  • Mica Phlogopite
  • Silicone resin


MEGATHERM S is a gasketing sheet without metal support made with phlogopite mica bonded with silicone resin.


MEGATHERM S is the gasketing sheet that can be used for all those services in which for reasons of temperature or oxidizing power of the fluid or both it is not possible to install a graphite gasket or a semi-metallic gasket. The performance of MEGATHERM S gaskets is clearly better than that of old-style ceramic cardboard gaskets or similar products.

Planix™ Megatherm S
  P bar Ibf/in2 Vm/S f/pm pH T°C T°F
60 900 0 - 14 ÷ 900 ÷ 1600
  • Do not use the product at maximum temperature values and for uses at pressures higher than those typical of the Flue Gases. Consult the manufacturer for further information.

  • Other gasketing sheet dimensions and thicknesses are available on request