Valve Packing PGT1 C8248


The kit includes sealing rings made of Valvograph expanded graphite paired with the C8200 braid, characterized by pre-oxidized carbon. This combination of high-quality materials ensures effective and long-lasting sealing even in challenging industrial conditions.


The PGT1 C8248 braid boasts a proven and reliable design, ensuring excellent stem sealing even in demanding industrial environments. Thanks to its heat and wear resistance, this braid offers consistent performance over time, minimizing leaks and ensuring efficient operation of industrial valves.


Ideal for medium-temperature industrial applications, the PGT1 C8248 braid is suitable for use with steam, gas, and a wide range of chemical and petroleum products. This sealing kit is the perfect choice for valves used in various industrial sectors, offering a reliable and cost-effective solution to ensure optimal sealing and consistent performance over time.

Valve Packing PGT1 C8248
  bar lb/in2 m/s fpm pH T°C T°F
200 3000 1 200 2 ÷ 12 -100 ÷ 350 / 500 -150 ÷ 660/ 930
150 2250 2 400 2 ÷ 12 -100 ÷ 350 / 500 -150 ÷ 660/ 930