Valve Packing Controller-One


Controller One is an innovative sealing gasket designed for valves with variable geometry, engineered to ensure safety and reliability while complying with regulations regarding the containment of VOC and HAP emissions. Its advanced configuration and use of high-quality materials ensure optimal performance in a wide range of industrial applications.


Controller One features an innovative truncated cone configuration of the graphite rings, allowing significant radial expansion even with modest clamping loads. The gasket is designed to be used as a stem seal for industrial valves with low emission requirements. Thanks to its all-graphite construction, it offers excellent chemical and thermal resistance, while the special section ensures greater sealing with a lower clamping load.


Ideal for use as a stem seal for industrial valves in a wide range of applications, Controller One is particularly suitable for environments with low VOC and HAP emission requirements. Its extrusion resistance and ability to adapt to various valve geometries make it a reliable choice for critical industrial applications.

Valve Packing Controller-One
P bar Ibf/in2 Vm/S f/pm pH T °C °F
300 4500 1 200 0÷14 -100 ÷ 450 / 600 -150 ÷ 840 / 1110