Valve Packing Controller-One


The valve packing CONTROLLER-ONE it's a special graphite Cup & Cone stem sealing device designed and produced to offer a reliable product which comply the VOC and HAP fugitive emissions regulations.Three expanded graphite Sigraflex® low density rings together two high density graphite rings, contained by two GR8807 Incobraid® rings working as wiper rings: this is Controller-One! The innovative Cup&Cone configuration of the graphite rings with different density allows a great radial expansion already with modest torque loads.


Cup&Cone Flexible expanded graphite formed rings Sigraflex®
Wiper's rings Incobraid® GR8807


Valve Packing Low Emission
Valve Packing Controller-One
P barIbf/in2Vm/Sf/pmpHT °C°F
300450012000÷14(3)-100 ÷ 450(1) / 650(2)-150 ÷ 840(1) / 1200(2)
(1) Temperature has to be lower than 450°C with mild oxidizers and hot air
(2) With Steam
(3) Avoid the strong oxidizers
(4) Avoid the product's use at the maximum temperature and pressure associated values without consult the manufacturer