Valve Packing Controller 3 Evo


TA LUFT VDI 2440 approved.
Controller 3 Evolution it’s a special valve graphite packing composed by formed braided rings. The braided packing is manufactured with flexible graphite Sigraflex® strands impregnated one by one with a special compound of colloidal graphite, reach of passive inhibitor of corrosion and solid lubricants (suitable also in Dry style for Oxygen use). This packing guarantees a very low weight loss (requirement EN 14772, section 6.7) and great sliding property. Controller 3, that meets the Low Emission VDI 2440 requirements, is able to preserve for a long time the recovery and the sealing performance without retightening.


Formed rings of braided flexible graphite Sigraflex® strands with Inconel® reinforcement, impregnated with colloidal graphite and special compound


Controller 3 Evolution is specific for Low Emission and HP/HT services of Industrial Valves.
Valve Packing Controller 3 Evo

P barIbf/in2Vm/Sf/pmpHT °C°F
500600012000÷14(3)-200 ÷ 450(1) / 650(2)-328 ÷ 840(1) / 1200(2)

(1) Temperature has to be lower than 450°C with mild oxidizers and hot air
(2) With Steam
(3) Avoid the strong oxidizers
(4) Avoid the product's use at the maximum temperature and pressure associated values without consult the manufacturer