Valve Packing Controller 3 Evo


The kit is composed of pure expanded mineral graphite with a special metallic reinforcement and impregnation with a graphite-based compound and special components.


Controller 3 Evolution consists of braided rings made of printed strands of expanded graphite characterized by a special reinforcement. This material ensures very low weight loss during operation at high temperatures, meeting EN14772 - section 6.7 requirements, and offers a low coefficient of friction. Certified Low Emission TA LUFT VDI2440, it maintains its elastic properties and sealing performance over time with moderate retightening requirements. It is also available in Dry version for oxygen use.


Controller 3 Evolution is a specific stem seal for Low Emission Industrial Valves, but is also suitable for those with high pressure and temperature service.

Valve Packing Controller 3 Evo


P bar Ibf/in2 Vm/S f/pm pH T °C °F
500 6000 1 200 0÷14(3) -200 ÷ 450(1) / 650(2) -328 ÷ 840(1) / 1200(2)