Spiral Wound Gasket SW


the Spiral Wound Product's Range includes all types of gaskets for any flanges. The gaskets are made in the dimensions and materials highlighted by the International Standard.
The Spiral Wound is the gasket that must answer to specific compressibility and recovery requirements in order to guarantee the sealing. Therefore, Carrara produces the Spiral Wound Gaskets on modern machineries equipped with tensile strenght control to offer always the products that meet the requirements.
Thank's to the flexibility of own Dept. and the large stock, Carrara is able to ensure fast deliveries also for modest quantity. Carrara offers consulting and technical support for the right style choice.


Carrara's Styles

SW - spiral wound without rings
SWI - spiral wound with inner rings
SWC - spiral wound with outer rings
SWCI - spiral wound with outer and inner rings
LSSW - spiral wound LOW STRESS design
SW OXY spiral wound gasket for oxygen services


Spiral Wound Gaskets for Flanges
Spiral Wound Gasket SW
AISI 3041.4301
AISI 3161.4401
AISI 3211.4541
AISI 316 Ti1.4571
Monel (NiCu30Fe)2.4360
PLANISTEEL gaskets are available in all metals and inserts, in standard or customized sizes.