Ring Joint RTJ Planisteel


The Ring Joint Gasket Planisteel RJ are manufactured in accordance to the standard API 6A and ASME B16.20 for high temperature and pressure applications. The Ring Joint and the flange groove surfaces must be machined with special attention to ensure maximum performance. Thanks to our modern equipment and the production's care, we guarantee perfect hardness and tolerances.


Available Styles

Style R, RX and BX according to ASME B16.20 - API 6A
Style IX according to Norsok
Style SRX and SBX for Subsea application
Customized RJ The Ring Joints Planisteel RJ gaskets are available in all stainless steels and in all alloy.


Ring Joint Gasket for RTJ Flanges
Ring Joint RTJ Planisteel
Soft Iron1.10039056D
Low CS1.003812078F
4-6 Cr 1/2 Mo1.736213072F5
AISI 4101.400017086S 410
AISI 3041.430116083S 304
AISI 3161.440116083S 316
AISI 3471.455016083S 347
The Ring Joint can be manufactured with all ASTM A182 and Alloy materials, with hardness HB deviated from the standard and in customized sizes