Grooved and Jacketed Gasket


Carrara S.P.A. makes the Planisteel Gaskets in all sizes, materials and fillers, for flanges and heat exchangers applications, in the following styles:

Planisteel MJ: Jacketed Gaskets
MJS: Spiral Wound Gaskets with jacketed ribs
GG: Cam Profile Gaskets


The Planisteel Gaskets, styles MJ Jacketed, MJS Spiral Wound with Jacketed ribs and GG Camprofile, are made in accordance according to the International Standard.


Grooved and Jacketed Gasket for flanges and heat exchangers
Grooved and Jacketed Gasket
Low Carbon SteelSoft iron1.1003
Stainless steelAISI 3041.4301
Stainless steelAISI 3161.4401
Stainless steelAISI 3211.4541
Stainless steelAISI 316 Ti1.4571
Monel (NiCu30Fe)B172, alloy 4002.4360
BrassBrass Ms 632.0321
AluminiumAluminium 99.53.0255
The Grooved and Jacketed Gaskets are available with all customized sizes, in all metals and fillers. The design conditions (P bar and T°C) have been calculated by a third party, different from Carrara, during the product's design analysis.