Sigraflex® Hochdruck Pro


SIGRAFLEX® HOCHDRUCK PRO is a multilayer high-strength graphite sealing sheet comprising 0.5 mm thick layers of high-purity graphite foil and 0.05 mm thick stainless steel foils. Depending on the sheet thickness required, several layers of graphite and stainless steel foil are joined together in a patented adhesive-free process. As a result, the sheets have outstanding mechanical properties. The sealing sheet is impregnated to reduce leakage and improve handling. SIGRAFLEX HOCHDRUCK PRO allows end users in the process industry to cover almost their entire gasket application range with a reliable and safe product.

TA Luft (VDI 2440/VDI 2200) for all thicknesses
Fire safety according to API 607
Blow-out resistance (TÜV at 2.5 times the nominal pressure)
BAM oxygen
DVGW (DIN 3535-6)
Sigraflex® Hochdruck Pro