Controller Back - Graphite Sealing for Seat


  • Variable density expanded graphite gasket with anti-extrusion rings.
  • Expanded mineral graphite, compliant with EN14772 Section 6.7. A182 F316 metal insert (other materials available).



These gaskets are configured to ensure adjustable compression, which can vary between 10-20% depending on the specific application requirements. The expanded mineral graphite used is resistant to a wide pH range and can operate at both low and high temperatures. However, it is important to consider some limitations and exclusions, such as the maximum operating service temperature of 600°C, with a peak maximum of 650°C for short exposures, and incompatibility with strong oxidizing agents.


Controller Back gaskets are ideal for use on ball valve seats in high-temperature conditions. They are particularly suitable for applications where reliable and durable sealing is required at both low and high pressures. For further customized sealing solutions, Carrara's technical office is available to provide assistance and consultancy.

Controller Back - Graphite Sealing for Seat