PTFE Jointing Sheet Planiflon™ E12


  • 100% pure expanded PTFE


Planiflon™ E12 gasketing sheets consist of 100% pure, multidirectional expanded PTFE, with practical unrestricted chemical resistance.
When installed the seals made of Planiflon™ E12 plates have an exceptionally good adaptability to flange roughness and nevenness.
In operation, under pressure and temperature loads, high surface pressure is guaranteed. Thereby achieved it has very good stability and tightness, especially in demanding steel flange applications high blow-out security. The good resilience of the material leads to increased operational safety even under changing operating conditions. 


Planiflon™ E12 is suitable for industrial applications to obtain PTFE gaskets for general and specific uses. It has the following certifications:

  • FDA
PTFE Jointing Sheet Planiflon™ E12

Planiflon™ E12

(EN 13555 thk 2 mm )

Colour     White
Filler     absent 
Density   g/cm³ 0.90 +/- 10%
Temperature   °C -200/+260
Max operating pressure   bar Vacuum to 40
Q min (40 bar He; 0,01 mg/(s*m))   MPa 27
Q Smin (QA=30 MPa; 40 bar He; L=0,01)   MPa <10
Qsmax (23°C)   MPa 160
Leckagerate (QA=30 MPa; 1 bar He)   mg/(s*m) <1*10-4
PQR @ 20 °C (QA=30 MPa)     0.94
Compressibility ASTM F36   50 - 55%
Recovery ASTM F36   13
PH Range     0 ÷ 14
Tolerances L and W   mm +/- 50
Tolerances Thichness   % +/-10


Size 1.500 x 1.500 60” x 60”
Thickness 0,75 ÷ 6,00 1/32 ÷ 1/4