PTFE Jointing Sheet Planiflon™ B14


  • Resin of modified PTFE
  • Hollow Glass microspheres as filler


Planiflon™ B14 is a superior performance biaxially orientated PTFE sheet sealing material with glass spheres filler, very highly conformable properties, ideally suited to both standard and irregular flanges. Planiflon™ B14 has a very low gas permeability, improved creep properties when compared with conventional PTFE gasketing, excellent for handling and cutting. Is specifically designed for use in low bolt loaded irregular flanges. Typical flanges include glass lined, ceramic plastic coated or uneven/badly distorted flanges. It is suitable for sealing all chemicals across the whole pH range, except molten alkali metals, fluorine or hydrogen fluoride.


Planiflon™ B14 is suitable for industrial applications for sealing the flanges and has the following certificates:

  • DVGW
PTFE Jointing Sheet Planiflon™ B14
Planiflon™ B14
Colour     Blue
Filler     Hollow glass microspheres
Density   g/cm³ 1.4
Temperature   °C -200/+260
Max operating pressure   bar 50
P x T max   bar x °C -
thickness 0,5 to 2,0     12000
thickness 3,0     8500
Compression DIN 3535-6  % >32
Creep DIN 3535-6  % <19
Recovery DIN 3535-6  % >7
Leakage  DIN 3535-6  mg*s-1*m-1 <0.05
PH Range     0 ÷ 14
Tolerances L and W   mm +/- 50
Tolerances Thichness   % +/-10


Size 1.500 x 1.500 60” x 60”
Thickness 0,75 ÷ 6,00 1/32" ÷ 1/4"