Planigraph™ Metalbond


Metalbond is the graphite gasket with inner eyelet that increases the effectiveness of the seal. It is the solution that allows a minimum diffusion of the fluid through the most stressed part of the gasket. At the same time it is an economical and long service gasket because the eyelet prevents the erosion of the inner edge of the seal and avoid the permeation of the fluid through the graphite.


Expanded graphite C> 98.00% with tanged foil inserted and inner steel eyelet. Since the graphite does not come into direct contact with the fluid the mechanical properties of the seal remain unchanged over time, guaranteeing a longer joint operating life and a drastic reduction of fugitive emissions with greater safety.


Graphite gaskets for flanges. The graphite doesn't work with oxidizing fluids.

Planigraph™ Metalbond
Planigraph™ Metalbond 2.00 mm th.
Graphite density gr/cm3 1.0
Carbon Content % > 98.0
Ash Content % < 2.0
Material of insert AISI 316L
Thickness of insert mm 0.10
Compressibility % 35 - 45
Recovery % 15 - 20
Gas Permeability DIN 3535 cm3/min < 0.6
Relaxation stress DIN 52913 N/mm2 > 45
Temperature max with steam °C 550
Temperature max with weak oxidants °C 450
Temperature min cryo °C -196
Maximum assembly load RT N/mm2 120
Size Disponibile in tutti i sizes standard o customizzati Available in all size
Thickness da 1,5 a 3,0 mm from 1/16