Planigraph™ Premium LGP


  • High-purity expanded mineral graphite Premium Grade with corrosion inhibitor and oxidation retardant


The expanded mineral graphite of Planigraph™ Premium LGP meets the requirements of the latest update of the EU directive 2011/65/EC (RoHS) and complies with the requirements of the oxidation test EN 14772 section 6.7. This type of gasket ensures a reliable and durable sealing, making it an ideal option for all industrial applications, from the simplest to the most demanding.


Expanded mineral graphite is also known for its chemical resistance, making it suitable for applications involving almost all fluids except for oxidants. In addition, expanded mineral graphite gaskets can be easily cut and shaped to fit the specific needs of the application. Thanks to its high thermal resistance, expanded mineral graphite can withstand high temperatures without damage or deformation, ensuring a reliable and safe sealing.

Planigraph™ Premium LGP
Planigraph™ Premium LGP
Graphite density gr/cm3 1.0
Carbon Content % ≥ 99.0
Ash Content % < 1.0
Sulphur Content ppm ≤ 100
Halogen Content ppm ≤ 100
Inhibitor of oxidation and corrosion - Yes
Thermal Weight Loss 670°C/h % ≤ 4.0
Tensile Strenght MPa ≥ 4.0
Compression ratio % 40 - 50
Recovery % > 7
Gas Permeability DIN 3535 cm3/min < 1.0
Relaxation stress DIN 52913 N/mm2 > 45
Temperature max with steam °C 550
Temperature max with weak oxidants °C 450
Temperature min cryo °C -196
Maximum assembly load RT N/mm2 40
Maximum operating pressure bar 40


Size 1500 x 1500 60” x 60”
Thickness 0.8 ÷ 3.0 1/32” ÷ 1/8"