Expanded Graphite Gasket Metalbond™


The expanded graphite gasket with the inner eyelet.
Metalbond™ is the graphite gasket with inner eyelet that increases the sealing effectiveness because this solution minimizes the permeability and the emissions.
Metalbond™ is economy and guarantees long timelife.The inner eyelet prevents the erosion and at the same time minimizes the leakage within the gasket and the flange's surfaces
The graphite does touch the fluid and so the gasket's mechanical property stays unchanged for log time.
Improved timelife which guarantees greater safety and performance reducing the emissions.
Available also in the style with outer eyelet.
Low emission VDI 2440 / Certificate nr I -150389


Pure expanded graphite C > 98,00%
Tanged SS316L reinforcement
SS316L inner eyelet


Graphite gaskets for flanges

Expanded Graphite Gasket Metalbond™
Size Disponibile in tutti i size Available in all size
Thickness da 1,5 a 3,0 mm from 1/16