Policy, quality and safety

We work to satisfy our Customers, to keep our organization and the ability to produce strong pursuing improvement in our industry. In the activities we carry out we consider the quality of the product and the service (see FERP Div.), health and safety a duty, a commitment and a constant component of our mission.

Through this document, the management aims to communicate to all staff the objectives to be pursued in the field of production, organisation, service and prevention to safeguard health and safety at work. More precisely, the company intends to develop its commitment to:


    • Be a reference player for the global valves and industrial seals market, satisfying the needs expressed and obtaining the full satisfaction of its Customers
    • To continuously improve its performance in compliance with UNI 9001 and its periodic updates, raising awareness among the staff on the importance of complying with the rules established through the tools provided by the Integrated management system.

ISO 9001:2015

    • Optimize the use of existing resources, improving the efficiency of the system.
    • Increase internal awareness through training and information, taking advantage of internal skills.
    • Disseminate information at all levels of the organization through the improvement of the company’s information system and a wider use of IT tools.
    • Plan the actions to achieve the objectives set for the Top Management involving the necessary personnel at each level.
    • Increase the culture of safety at work through internal training and information and in achieving the accreditation of the BS OHSAS 18001:2007standard.

BS OHSAS 18001:2007

  • Respect, the rules of law in the contents and principles, in the field of industrial safety and hygiene applicable to the activities carried out, the products and services provided; where possible, voluntarily apply further measures deemed necessary even in the absence of legislative obligations.
  • Promote initiatives to prevent the occurrence of accidents, injuries and occupational diseases that could compromise the health and safety of workers.
  • Provide the resources, consistent with the available budgets, necessary to ensure a proper management of safety, which is adequate to our reality.
  • Raise awareness and inform all staff, including collaborators of external companies interacting with us, on the need to comply with the applicable safety and hygiene standards. Train employees to intervene in abnormal and emergency conditions so as to minimise any consequences.
  • Pursue continuous improvement of the safety management, also through the identification of the risks associated with the activities carried out and the definition of objectives for their reduction, in accordance with the development plans and the available budget.
  • Inform suppliers and visitors about the safety procedures and principles, involving them, where applicable, in their implementation.
  • Promote a transparent and collaborative relationship with public, private and local communities.
  • Periodically review the results achieved to decide the maintenance or improvement actions to be undertaken.
  • Communicate and make the contents of this document available to all company collaborators and employees.