SIGRAFLEX® Flexible Graphite Foil


SIGRAFLEX® flexible graphite foil is a homogeneous material manufactured from anisotropic layers of exfoliated natural graphite, locked together through an extensive calendering process, without the use of fillers or binders. This inert material is impermeable to fluids, chemically resistant against most media and maintains its superior sealability over a wide temperature range.
SIGRAFLEX® foil is available in rolls in various dimensions, densities, and in grades ranging from 96.00 up to 99.85% carbon content minimum. Any thickness is available from 0.15 mm up to 3.0 mm. SIGRAFLEX® foil is also available in tape form in widths from 4 up to 1500 mm with and without a pressure sensitive adhesive backing.
For further product improvement inhibitors can be added to enhance the oxidation and corrosion resistance or leakage and friction behavior of the foil.


SIGRAFLEX® flexible graphite foil is available in the styles C, E, Z, APX and APX2


Industrial gasket for high temperature services
SIGRAFLEX® Flexible Graphite Foil