Pressure Seal Steelgraph G33


  • Pure expanded graphite
  • Anti-extrusion metal rings


Steelgraph G33 features a structure of expanded graphite with the insertion of metal rings on the corners. This combination offers effective protection against extrusion while maintaining high elasticity and resistance properties. The gasket is designed to withstand high pressures and maintain reliable sealing over time.


This gasket is specifically designed for pressure seal valves and high and medium pressure condensers in thermal power plants. Thanks to its extrusion resistance and durability, it is suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

Pressure Seal Steelgraph G33
P bar Ibf/in2 pH T °C °F
1.500 22.500 0-14 -100 ÷ 450 / 650 -150 ÷ 800 / 1.200