Pressure Seal Gasket G44


  • Expanded graphite with C>99% purity
  • Metallic covers
  • SS316 inserts


The Pressure Seal Steelgraph G44 gasket features a combination of expanded graphite reinforced with steel sheets and metallic covers. This design offers optimal protection against extrusion while maintaining high elasticity and resistance. The gasket can withstand high pressures and ensures reliable sealing even in extreme operating conditions.


This type of gasket is specifically designed for pressure seal valve systems. It is ideal for high-pressure applications where reliable and durable sealing is required.

Pressure Seal Gasket G44


P bar Ibf/in2 pH T °C °F
1.500 22.500 0-14 -100 ÷ 450 / 650 -150 ÷ 800 / 1.200