Planix™ PX17B FDA


Sheets, rolls, and profiles in silicone rubber PX 17B are made from high-quality materials, ensuring excellent chemical and thermal resistance. The specific formulation of this silicone rubber ensures compliance with food regulations and high durability.


PX 17B silicone rubber stands out for its excellent temperature resistance, with an operating range from -60°C to +200°C. Its resistance to aggressive chemical agents makes it ideal for industrial environments that require reliable performance in extreme conditions. Compliance with FDA regulations underscores the material's safety for contact with food fluids.


These PX 17B silicone rubber products find application in a wide range of industrial sectors, particularly suitable for the production of industrial flange gaskets. Their versatility and strength make them a reliable choice in environments that demand high-performance in terms of chemical and thermal resistance.

Planix™ PX17B FDA

Planix™ PX17B 

White silicone rubber FDA

Colour -- White
Hardness Deegres 60+/-5 Sh
Specific gravity g/cm3 1,20
Tensile strenght MPa 9,0
Elongation at break % 320
Tear resistance MPa 13,0
Compression set (h.24 °C 150) % 26
Temperature °C -60/+230
Width (+/- 5%) mm 1000 to 1500, related to the thickness 
Lenght (+/- 5%) m 1 to 10, related to the thickness
Thickness (+/- 5%) mm 1 to 50