Planix™ PX04 FLEXOID™


Planix™ PX04 FLEXOID™ is a plasticised gelatine impregnated material, cellulose based.


Planix™ PX04 FLEXOID is a cost-effective product and often chosen for the original equipment at the first assembly but also for the aftermarket.


Planix™ PX04 FLEXOID is widely used in the automotive industry for gaskets in the oil pan, carburettor, fuel pump, oil pump, top covers, thermostat and water pump, transmission box, gearbox, gearbox to clutch, axle shaft. Resistant to oils, fuels, petrol, gas, water, anti-freeze, fats, solvents, kerosene.

Planix™ PX04 FLEXOID™
Properties Unit Value
Colour -- Beige
Moinsture content - 15 min @ 100°C % 8 - 14
Thickness - ASTM F104 mm +/-10%
Compression - ASTM F36 % 25-40
Recovery - ASTM F36 % 40 min
Tensile Strenght - ASTM F152 MN/m2 13.79
IRM 903 Oil weight increase - ASTM F146 % 15 max
IRM 903 Oil thickness increase - ASTM F146 % 5 max
Fuel B weight increase - ASTM F146 % 15 max
Fuel B thickness increase - ASTM F146 % 5 max
Water weight increase - ASTM F146 % 90 max
Water thickness increase - ASTM F146 % 30 max
Roll length Nominal +/- 1%
Roll width for thickness 0.15-0.80 mm 1000-1050 mm
Roll width for thickness 1.00-6.40 mm 1000 +/-5mm
All properties base upon 0.80 mm material refer to ASME F104 section7