Planix™ PX03B FDA


The sheets, rolls, and profiles in EPDM rubber PX 03B by Planix™ are formulated with high-quality materials, ensuring reliability and compliance with standards. The white PX 03B version for food use is carefully designed to meet FDA standards, crucial in sectors requiring high-level sealing performance.


The EPDM rubber PX 03B by Planix™ is characterized by exceptional sealing properties and versatility. The white version for food use is particularly suitable for industrial sectors requiring high sealing performance and compliance with rigorous food standards like FDA.


Planix PX 03B is essential in industrial sectors that require excellent sealing, such as gaskets for industrial flanges. The white version for food use finds application in sectors requiring compliance with FDA standards, ensuring reliable and high-quality sealing performance.

Planix™ PX03B FDA
Properties Unit Value
Colour -- White
Hardness Deegres 60±5 Sh
Specific gravity g/cm3 1,30
Tensile strenght MPa 5,0
Elongation at break % 300
Compression set (h.22 °C 70) % 30
Minimum Temperature °C -25
Maximum Temperature °C +120