Planix™ PX03B FDA


The sheets, rolls and profiles in EPDM rubber PX 03B are suitable for different applications thanks to their reliability. 


The white PX 03B style is applicable for use intended in contact with food and it complies the FDA standard. Indispensable in all industrial fields that must ensure both an excellent level of mechanical and chemical resistance, Planix PX 03B complies with the requirements of many industrial applications. 


Typical applications of EPDM rubber in sheets are gaskets for industrial flanges.

Planix™ PX03B FDA
Properties Unit Value
Colour -- White
Hardness Deegres 60+/-5 Sh
Specific gravity g/cm3 1,30
Tensile strenght MPa 5,0
Elongation at break % 300
Compression set (h.22 °C 70) % 30
Minimum Temperature °C -25
Maximum Temperature °C +120