Planix™ PX03 TEL 65SH


The Planix™ PX03 TEL 65SH is primarily composed of EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene Diene Monomer), belonging to the family of synthetic rubbers in group M according to the DIN/ISO 1629 classification. This composition imparts to the product thermal resistance, resistance to atmospheric agents, aging, and seawater, ensuring excellent resistance to ozone and thermal variations.


With an increased tensile strength of 7 MPa, the PX03 TEL 65SH stands out for enhanced robustness, ensuring greater resistance to mechanical stresses. The reduction in elongation at break to 300% indicates increased rigidity and resistance to elongation, making it suitable for situations requiring dimensional stability.


The increased tear resistance to 19 MPa highlights improved sealing and durability of the material, making the PX03 TEL 65SH ideal for applications requiring resistance to tearing stresses. Recommended for seals in contact with low-concentration acids and solvents, this product maintains high performance in adverse environmental conditions.

Planix™ PX03 TEL 65SH
Properties Unit Value
Colour -- Black 
Specific gravity g/cm3 1,25+/-0,05
Tensile strenght MPa 7,0
Elongation at break % 300
Tear resistance MPa 19
Hardness Deegres 65 +/-5 SH
Compression Set (22 hrs at 70°C) % 35
Temperature  °C -40 to 120
Width (+/- 5%) mm 1000 to 1500, related to the thickness 
Lenght (+/- 5%) m 1 to 10, related to the thickness
Thichness (+/- 5%) mm 1 to 50