Planix™ PX01


PLANIX™ PX01 thermal-insulating cardboard sheets are exclusively formulated with asbestos-free and ceramic-free material, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations. The composition with heat-resistant fibers gives the asbestos-free cardboard PX01 high resistance to high temperatures.


PLANIX™ PX01 asbestos-free cardboard is characterized by distinctive physical properties and exceptional resistance to temperature and thermal insulation. These qualities make it particularly suitable for cutting gaskets in high-temperature environments, such as steel mills and foundries.


PLANIX™ PX01 insulating cardboard is used to create gaskets intended for high-temperature insulation and is suitable for use in industrial burners and boilers. Its versatility makes it a reliable choice in sectors that require high-level thermal performance and insulation.

Planix™ PX01
Properties Unit Value
Colour -- Beige 
Specific gravity g/cm3 1,05+/-0,05
Tensile strenght MPa 3,5
Weight Loss (800°C) % 15
Compressibility % 10
Recovery % 30
Thermal conductivity W/mK 0,12
Minimum Temperature °C -25
Maximum Temperature °C +800
Standard size (+/- 10%) mm 1000x1000 
Thichness mm 2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12