Expanded Graphite Valve Packing PGT2 GR8848

Valve Packing PGT2 GR8848


The expanded graphite Sigraflex® E valve packing PGT2 GR8848 is a reliable stem sealing kit tested for all applications with steam and process fluids. It is composed by rings in pure expanded graphite and by braided packing in pure P.A.N. carbon yarns. PGT2 GR8848 offers great resistance to the temperature, pressure and extreme safety guarantees in the industrial applications. The product is treated with special corrosion inhibitors to guarantee the stem's maximum protection.


Flexible expanded graphite Sigraflex® E formed rings
Wiper rings GR8800


Expanded graphite valve packing

P barIbf/in2Vm/Sf/pmpHT °C°F
300450012000÷14(3)-100 ÷ 450(1) / 650(2)-150 ÷ 840(1) /1200(2)
(1) Temperature has to be lower than 450°C with mild oxidizers and hot air
(2) With Steam
(3) Avoid the strong oxidizers
(4) Avoid the product's use at the maximum temperature and pressure associated values without consult the manufacturer.