Expanded Graphite Valve Packing Controller 2

Valve Packing Controller 2


Controller 2 is an expanded graphite Sigraflex® E valve packing kit whit special middling rings. Controller 2 shows a very excellent resistance to the extrusion and a very low coefficient of friction, needing low bolt torque. It’s a low emission sealing stem’s packing with high recovery.


Formed graphite rings

Formed Braided Packing Rings GR8800
P.A.N. carbon yarns
Pure graphite impregnation
Inorganic corrosion inhibitor


Designed for valve’s stem, Controller 2 is suitable with all industrial fluids and gases, except the strong oxidizers. Avoid the combustion gases. With mild oxidizers and hot air the use has to be limited at 450°C

P barIbf/in2Vm/Sf/pmpHT °C°F
300450012000÷14(3)-100 ÷ +450(1) +650(2)-150 ÷ 840(1) / 1200(2)
(1) Temperature has to be less than 450°C with mild oxidizers and hot air
(2) With Steam
(3) Avoid the strong oxidizers
(4) Avoid the product's use at the maximum temperature and pressure associated values without consult the manufacturer