Sealing BAM approved for OXYGEN SERVICE

16 October 2014

Graphite Sealing BAM approved for OXYGEN SERVICE

After almost one year of work the project OXY has come to a conclusion and the product range Carrara can now liste graphite packings with BAM approvals both in relation to the raw material and for finished products. As part of this project it has been completely rewritten the production procedure No. 019405006, it have been changed the layout of the molding department, which has been enhanced with new dedicated equipment, and it was concluded the training of the specialist team in charge to produce and handle these seals. The main guideline of the project was to ensure packing and gasket POLLUTION FREE.

The tests were carried out on the packing BAM GR80SGR OXY and on the die-formed graphite rings ZV48Z OXY and ZV48ZN OXY, the first one 100% expanded graphite and the second expanded graphite reinforced with nickel. These three seals, along with the graphite flat gasket for flanges style Sigraflex Hochdruck and the spiral wound gaskets OXY allow to fulfill all the needs of industrial sealing valve On/Off and quarter-turn ball and butterfly, the seals on the stem, the bonnet, the seat and flanges in Oxygen Services.

The product range BAM approved sis like hereinafter:

  1. Graphite Packing GR80SGR OXY
    • graphite packing for valve stem maintenance
  2. Die-Formed graphite rings styles ZV48ZN OXY and ZV48Z OXY
    • gasket for ball valve body
    • stem graphite set without braided wiper rings
  3. Controller 2 Evolution OXY
    • stem graphite set composed by braided wiper rings GR80SGR OXY and die formed middling rings ZV48Z OXY
  4. Controller 3 OXY
    • stem graphite set composed only by braided rings GR80SGR OXY
  5. Controller back OXY
    • Packing for ball valve seats styles 1 and 2
  6. Sigraflex Hochdruck
    1. Flat gaskets for Bonnet and Flanges
  7. Spiral wound gasket Planisteel SWG OXY
    1. Spiral wound gaskets for flanges RF, FF, LTG and LMF
  8. Compression packing PT5500 OX
    1. PTFE Packing for valve maintenance
  9. Planifon PT2015
    1. PTFE sealing for stem and ball valve seats