Graphite Gasketing Sheet Planigraph® LGRHDI

12 July 2021
Graphite Gasketing Sheet Planigraph® LGRHDI

Planigraph® LGRHDI, just one gasketing sheet for operating pressure from vacuum up to 200 bar

Planigraph® LGRHDI is the multilayer high-strength graphite gasketing sheet designed both for the hard applications and the ordinary sealing of low pressure flanges thus allowing the End Users to fit a large set of equipment just with one reliable and safe material that complies their gaskets requirements.

Planigraph® LGRHDI is manufactured by Carrara and combines layers of graphite foil with stainless steel foils. This is the reason why the blow-out resistance and the mechanical strength are enhanced allowing for the greater permissible gasket stress that can be achieved.

Even under gradient of temperatures or frequent thermal cycles Planigraph® LGRHDI can guarantee long term stability and recovery as well as a negligible cold or warm flow up to the maximum permissible gaskets stress.

Planigraph® LGRHDI offers a good chemical resistance, doesn’t age and doesn’t embrittle, guaranteeing high reliability for long time from -200°C up to 550°C.

Properties and Applications of Planigraph® LGRHDI

  • Suitable for standard and customized flanges of pipe-works, vessels and valves
  • The gaskets larger than 1500 mm are manufactured in two pieces with a special technique to guarantee maximum reliability
  • Suitable for chemical, petrochemical, refinery and power generation industries, with fluids and gases in the whole range of the pH, except the strong oxidizers, operating in the temperature range from [-200°C; 550°C] with the pressure from Vacuum to 200 bar.
  • Great gasket stress associated with a negligible relaxation stress even in case of frequent thermal cycles without aging or embrittlement
  • Low emission gaskets design when fitted with the inner eyelet


Seal your flanges with Planigraph® LGRHDI: three reasons for the right choice!

  • Minimize the inventory of gaskets - this solution is suitable for a large set of flanges because it can work almost with all fluids in a large range of temperature and pressure
  • Sustainable gasket – its configuration with inner eyelet associated to the negligible cold or warm flow guarantees low emissions for long time
  • Easy to install - its maximum permissible stress is so high that even in case of overload caused by an imperfect assembly the gasket cannot be damaged