19 May 2021

Dinacomb N1706, the evoluted packing

Slurry pumps are widely used in transport of abrasive solids in industries such as mining, dredging, steel and so on and for this reason they are designed to be suitable for heavy-wearing and heavy-duty uses. These pumps require a premium grade packing able to guarantee a long and well-defined lifetime of the sealing because every extra day of service can save money.
Carrara Dinacomb N1706 for the sealing of the Slurry Pumps is manufactured with evoluted yarns combining the advanced properties of the para-aramid copolymer and the solid lubricants. The result is outstanding durability combined with very high tenacity.

Dinacomb N1706 makes the difference!

  • Excellent resistance to heat degradation and abrasion
  • Excellent cut and fatigue resistance
  • Excellent preservation of its primary mechanical properties over a wide range of temperature and chemicals

Dinacomb N1706, characteristics without comparison. 

Its features depend to the yarns, which have superior properties if compaired with the other para and meta-aramid yarns, but is the manufacturing expertise of Carrara which make the difference. This unique combination gives to the packing  Dinacomb N1706 enhanced fatigue and abrasion resistance, chemical stability, temperature resistance and great conformability allowing its use in a wide range of slurry sealing applications, from a submersible slurry pump to a mining slurry pump, covering easily the general service applications.