LDAR Program

03 September 2021

Fugitive Emission VOC from equipment leak

FERP Environmental Division of CARRARA S.p.A. is among the European leaders in designing and implementing monitoring programs of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) fugitive and diffuse emissions, of steam leakages, industrial plants technical and auxiliary gases leakages (Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Ammonia, etc.) and expertise in developing Energy Saving programs. Besides the monitoring execution, FERP offers a consolidated technical and economic evaluation service for the definition of more efficient control plans and in full compliance with international or local rules, for a quick pay-back of the inspections. The experience acquired by FERP in the field of VOC fugitive and diffuse emissions in the Refining, Chemical, Petrochemical, Offshore, Energy and Pharmaceutical sectors and the deep knowledge of the regulatory environment allow FERP to implement LDAR and SMART LDAR control plans fully complying with the BAT (Best Available Techniques) and with the existing rules, since the inspections are carried on according to the international protocols EN 15446 (formerly 15446:2008), EPA 453/R95, EPA 6560-50P (Alternative work practice to detect leaks from equipment) and EPA Method 21