Compression Packing

04 March 2015

The Gland Packing or Compression Packing product range is designed to meet all industrial sealing requirements. The Gland Compression Packing is the sealing product which highlights Carrara. Special Compression Packings, Graphite Gland Packings, PTFE Gland Packings, Compression Packing made with all technical yarns.

The Compression Packing product range is grouped as follows:

  3. BASIC

The most innovative Performer Gland Packing is INCOBRAID® GR8807, the patented carbon yarns Gland Packing reinforced by discontinuous Inconel® micro-filaments. But also the graphite Gland Packing GR80SGR and the special design GR80SGR OXY for oxygen applications are products equally advanced and innovative for LOW EMISSION and HIGH STRESS services.

The PTFE Gland Packing have a great rule in the Compression Packing product range. Different PTFE Packing design are available: dry and lubricated, FDA approved and graphitized. All PTFE Gland Packing, like GF7700 100% GFO®, are made in partnership with W.L. Gore since 25 years.

The Compression Packing for dynamic applications, pumps and mixer and agitators, made with aramid yarns, para-aramid and meta-aramid, as the Gland Packings KD6605 and PA3604, and made with special yarns for abrasive and heavy applications, as the Gland Packing N1704 and N1706, play a special rule in the product range. The partnership with FILTES, the Carrara Group's Company specializing in the production of technical yarns for industrial use, has allowed the selection of special yarns to make high performance Packing.

Even the more consolidated Gland Packing, as the glass yarns Gland Packing V9907 and V9944 or the general pourpose Gland Packing as N3404 and N2609, are made with the same greatest care in the materials selection and in the production to guarantee always the best quality.