Carbon Fibres Packings

20 September 2021

The carbon fibers are synthetic materials coming from Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) or Rayon and characterized by high carbon content. The yarns made by carbon fibres can be shaped in continuous or discontinuous form. In both cases these yarns have high tensile strength and high Young module. The carbon yarn can be coupled with metal reinforcements to further increase their mechanical resistance. In turn, the metal reinforcements can be continuous or discontinuous. Thanks to these characteristics (high carbon content, high tensile strenght, high Young module, high chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance), the carbon fiber yarns are excellent to make of graphite compression packing. The carbon yarns packing production process includes the impregnation in three different stages: on the yarn, during the braiding and finally on the body of the packing. during these steps the corrosion inhibitor and the micronized graphite are adducted on the packings.

The carbon yarns packings Carrara belong to three main groups:

  3. BASIC

Are in the Performer group the packing GR8807 Incobraid® and GR8888, the most two experienced packings for valve applications in high temperature and high pressure. In the Premium group you can find the styles GR8800, GR8800R and C8100. This last, C8100, it is specific for dynamic applications. In the Basic range for general applications there are finally the styles GR8000 and GR8000R.