Flange Isolation Kits

Carrara GSS has integrated its product range with the new line of Flange Insulation Kits  GUARDIAN. In the range you will […]

OHSAS 18001

Another step forward. Carrara Global Sealing Solutions has obtained the OHSAS 18001 Certification. The important result has been obtained thanks […]


FERP, the Environmental Services Division of Carrara Spa, has achieved the prestigious MASE qualification for the implementation of the LDAR […]

API 622 and ISO 15848-BH-C02 approved packing

ISO 15848-BH-C02

ISO 15848-BH-C02 and API 622: the Packing with double Certifications. PGT4 GR8622, the graphite packing for industrial valves Low Emission service, achieved ISO […]

Anelli di tenuta in grafite

Graphite Valve Packing

Graphite sealing for valves The extension and the available equipment at the department Valvograph, which produces graphite sealing systems for […]

Industrial graphite gasket

Industrial graphite gaskets . This class of gaskets and graphite sealing set not always is able to fulfill the operating conditions because […]


Carrara: API 622 program

The Carrara program API 622 involves the stem packing for Valves in accordance to the design API 600, API 602, API […]