Carrara S.p.a. is a modern company, who is aware of the fact that it is important to offer to the customer the best product, assistance and standard of service. In order to offer this Carrara S.p.a. has provided itself with all the necessary human and instrumental resources. Above all Carrara has provided itself with an organisation that can ensure an efficient use of the resources employed, so that the system in its whole generates the unique real worldwide acknowledged output: the QUALITY.

Achieved the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

The Companies of the CARRARA Group have achieved the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 by DNV. This important result is the demonstration of the continuous commitment expressed by the CARRARA Group towards QUALITY through the strengthening of reliable structure, organization and processes and the improvement of the business management always focused to the service and the satisfaction of the Customer.

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Our quality policy

– To incorporate the explicit and implicit needs of the Customer.

– To realize a reliable and technologically advanced product satisfying the quality requirements of the Customer and the regulatory requirements in force.

– To meet Customer’s expectations.

– To aim at satisfying the organization’s Staff and encourage involvement in company’s processes.

– To investigate and initiate actions aimed at continual improvement.

– To systematically update and implement procedures defined by the Quality System and prescriptive documents provided as support to organization.

– To set weighted and achievable goals.

– To periodically evaluate the company’s management performance through the tools of the Quality System, updating and redefining the Quality Policy with new objectives in relation to the obtained results.

– To analyze the causes of non-compliance as a crucial element for the definition of appropriate actions.

– To adopt methods to plan, do, check and act with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization and promoting awareness of the Staff towards Quality System and Customer service.

The quality in the processes

Carrara production facilities:

– land area: 25.000 sq.mt. (270,000 sq.ft.) – building coverage: 10.000 sq.mt. (108,000 sq.ft.) – offices: 1.000 sq.mt. (10,800 sq.ft.) A modern structure, functional and wide to improve efficiency of the production processes and logistic. The production plants are capable and flexible: winning qualities to always perform the best.

The quality in the controls

Make regularly quality along the time is a daily effort that involves resources, expertise, passion and constant attention.

Carrara provides to its own Clients a laboratory that is able to accept valves up to 12”, for the test execution of Fugitive Emissions supervised by external inspectors.

The quality in the services

To be able to answer the necessities of the Customer and capable to provide the requested quantities, quickly and at sustainable prices is a priority asset! Carrara S.p.A. has structured its manufacturing plants to respond in a winning mode to the demand of the market.